ARMv8 Cortex-A72 4-Core

Below is a generalized look at the performance across various test profiles and where relevant the different test profile options exposed for a high-level look at the performance compared to all available public test results on Of the 97 test profiles the overall rank was approximately in the 3rd percentile.

osbench   34th Percentile
sysbench   21st Percentile
compress-7zip   15th Percentile
perl-benchmark   15th Percentile
ttsiod-renderer   13th Percentile
hint   12th Percentile
cachebench   12th Percentile
coremark   12th Percentile
cryptopp   12th Percentile
graphics-magick   11th Percentile
compress-gzip   10th Percentile
sqlite-speedtest   10th Percentile
encode-flac   9th Percentile
renaissance   9th Percentile
himeno   8th Percentile
n-queens   8th Percentile
x264   8th Percentile
system-decompress-bzip2   6th Percentile
stress-ng   6th Percentile
clomp   6th Percentile
asmfish   5th Percentile
pyperformance   5th Percentile
numpy   5th Percentile
git   5th Percentile
build-imagemagick   4th Percentile
gmpbench   4th Percentile
ethr   4th Percentile
primesieve   4th Percentile
compress-xz   4th Percentile
gegl   4th Percentile
inkscape   4th Percentile
build-apache   4th Percentile
ncnn   4th Percentile
rocksdb   4th Percentile
fftw   3rd Percentile
hackbench   3rd Percentile
compress-zstd   3rd Percentile
mt-dgemm   3rd Percentile
aircrack-ng   3rd Percentile
build-php   3rd Percentile
kvazaar   3rd Percentile
redis   3rd Percentile
encode-ape   3rd Percentile
rav1e   3rd Percentile
synthmark   3rd Percentile
luaradio   3rd Percentile
aom-av1   3rd Percentile
stockfish   3rd Percentile
botan   3rd Percentile
viennacl   3rd Percentile
svt-av1   3rd Percentile
srsran   3rd Percentile
octave-benchmark   2nd Percentile
dacapobench   2nd Percentile
rawtherapee   2nd Percentile
lzbench   2nd Percentile
hugin   2nd Percentile
webp   2nd Percentile
libraw   2nd Percentile
tnn   2nd Percentile
rnnoise   2nd Percentile
simdjson   2nd Percentile
node-web-tooling   2nd Percentile
encode-wavpack   2nd Percentile
dav1d   2nd Percentile
amg   2nd Percentile
lulesh   2nd Percentile
onnx   2nd Percentile
qmcpack   2nd Percentile
etcpak   2nd Percentile
askap   2nd Percentile
srslte   2nd Percentile
liquid-dsp   2nd Percentile
tjbench   2nd Percentile
xmrig   2nd Percentile
gnupg   1st Percentile
espeak   1st Percentile
build-linux-kernel   1st Percentile
build2   1st Percentile
build-gdb   1st Percentile
gimp   1st Percentile
build-gcc   1st Percentile
basis   1st Percentile
ocrmypdf   1st Percentile
darktable   1st Percentile
astcenc   1st Percentile
mnn   1st Percentile
build-eigen   1st Percentile
build-godot   1st Percentile
cloverleaf   1st Percentile
gcrypt   1st Percentile
webp2   1st Percentile
ngspice   1st Percentile
toybrot   1st Percentile
incompact3d   1st Percentile
openscad   1st Percentile
build-ffmpeg   1st Percentile

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