Server CPU Tests

A collection of interesting server CPU benchmarks.

See how your system performs with this suite using the Phoronix Test Suite. It's as easy as running the phoronix-test-suite benchmark server-cpu-tests command..

Tests In This Suite

Revision History

pts/server-cpu-tests-1.0.4     16 Oct 2020 18:41 EDT
Update x265, add kvazaar.

pts/server-cpu-tests-1.0.3     24 Jul 2020 17:49 EDT
Update compress-zstd arguments.

pts/server-cpu-tests-1.0.2     17 Jun 2020 16:36 EDT
Use onednn rather than mkl-dnn.

pts/server-cpu-tests-1.0.1     08 Apr 2020 16:15 EDT
Deprecate it for being overly vague.

pts/server-cpu-tests-1.0.0     29 Jul 2019 17:19 EDT
Initial commit.

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