Geekbench [pts/geekbench]

This is a benchmark of Geekbench 4 Pro. The test profile automates the execution of Geekbench 4 under the Phoronix Test Suite, assuming you have a valid license key for Geekbench 4 Pro. This test will not work without a valid license key for Geekbench Pro.

This utility test was uploaded by Phoronix Test Suite.

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Revision History

pts/geekbench-1.0.1 [15 Mar 2019 11:14:57 EDT]
- Fix launching of Windows installer.

pts/geekbench-1.0.0 [12 Mar 2019 07:19:46 EDT]
- Initial commit of Geekbench Pro test profile, requires user having license.

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