Ampere Altra ARMv8 Neoverse-N1 160-Core

Below is a generalized look at the performance across various test profiles and where relevant the different test profile options exposed for a high-level look at the performance compared to all available public test results on Of the 75 test profiles the overall rank was approximately in the 28th percentile.

asmfish   93rd Percentile
build-ffmpeg   89th Percentile
aircrack-ng   88th Percentile
openfoam   86th Percentile
relion   85th Percentile
stockfish   84th Percentile
build-nodejs   81st Percentile
lczero   79th Percentile
viennacl   79th Percentile
qe   78th Percentile
build-imagemagick   75th Percentile
hint   72nd Percentile
perl-benchmark   72nd Percentile
avifenc   70th Percentile
build-llvm   68th Percentile
build-mesa   68th Percentile
basis   64th Percentile
tnn   63rd Percentile
webp2   63rd Percentile
build2   60th Percentile
parboil   59th Percentile
build-linux-kernel   59th Percentile
pgbench   58th Percentile
kvazaar   58th Percentile
build-gdb   58th Percentile
qmcpack   57th Percentile
nwchem   56th Percentile
pybench   55th Percentile
npb   55th Percentile
build-godot   55th Percentile
pyperformance   54th Percentile
ocrmypdf   52nd Percentile
dav1d   46th Percentile
build-php   44th Percentile
synthmark   41st Percentile
compress-lz4   40th Percentile
blosc   38th Percentile
x265   37th Percentile
aom-av1   37th Percentile
couchdb   35th Percentile
quantlib   34th Percentile
numenta-nab   33rd Percentile
libgav1   31st Percentile
mt-dgemm   30th Percentile
build-apache   29th Percentile
compress-zstd   27th Percentile
rocksdb   25th Percentile
tjbench   23rd Percentile
rawtherapee   21st Percentile
mnn   19th Percentile
espeak   18th Percentile
askap   17th Percentile
numpy   16th Percentile
build-eigen   15th Percentile
svt-av1   15th Percentile
cryptopp   13th Percentile
liquid-dsp   12th Percentile
webp   11th Percentile
cloverleaf   11th Percentile
ngspice   11th Percentile
build-erlang   11th Percentile
gmpbench   10th Percentile
botan   9th Percentile
hugin   9th Percentile
srsran   8th Percentile
vpxenc   8th Percentile
rav1e   7th Percentile
srslte   7th Percentile
onednn   7th Percentile
mrbayes   6th Percentile
etcpak   5th Percentile
gnuradio   5th Percentile
rodinia   4th Percentile
securemark   4th Percentile
luaradio   2nd Percentile

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