Almalinux Physical

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core testing with a ASRockRack X470D4U (P3.50 BIOS) and ASPEED on AlmaLinux 8.4 via the Phoronix Test Suite.

Compare your own system(s) to this result file with the Phoronix Test Suite by running the command: phoronix-test-suite benchmark 2110028-IB-ALMALINUX84
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October 01 2021
  1 Hour, 7 Minutes
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Almalinux PhysicalOpenBenchmarking.orgPhoronix Test SuiteAMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core @ 3.60GHz (6 Cores / 12 Threads)ASRockRack X470D4U (P3.50 BIOS)AMD Starship/Matisse2 x 32 GB DDR4-3200MT/s Kingston1000GB Samsung SSD 980 1TBASPEEDAMD Starship/MatisseMellanox MT26448 + 2 x Intel I210 + Chelsio T320 10GbE Dual PortAlmaLinux (x86_64)GCC 8.4.1 20200928xfs1024x768ProcessorMotherboardChipsetMemoryDiskGraphicsAudioNetworkOSKernelCompilerFile-SystemScreen ResolutionAlmalinux Physical BenchmarksSystem Logs- Transparent Huge Pages: always- NONE / attr2,inode64,logbsize=32k,logbufs=8,noquota,relatime,rw,seclabel,sunit=32,swidth=256 / Block Size: 4096 - Scaling Governor: acpi-cpufreq performance (Boost: Enabled) - CPU Microcode: 0x8701021- SELinux + itlb_multihit: Not affected + l1tf: Not affected + mds: Not affected + meltdown: Not affected + spec_store_bypass: Mitigation of SSB disabled via prctl and seccomp + spectre_v1: Mitigation of usercopy/swapgs barriers and __user pointer sanitization + spectre_v2: Mitigation of Full AMD retpoline IBPB: conditional STIBP: conditional RSB filling + srbds: Not affected + tsx_async_abort: Not affected

Almalinux Physicalblogbench: Readblogbench: Writet-test1: 1t-test1: 2iperf: - 5201 - 360 Seconds - TCP - 20john-the-ripper: Blowfishjohn-the-ripper: MD5compress-7zip: Compress Speed Testopenssl: SHA256openssl: RSA4096openssl: RSA4096mysqlslap: 16sqlite-speedtest: Timed Time - Size 1,000phpbench: PHP Benchmark


BlogBench is designed to replicate the load of a real-world busy file server by stressing the file-system with multiple threads of random reads, writes, and rewrites. The behavior is mimicked of that of a blog by creating blogs with content and pictures, modifying blog posts, adding comments to these blogs, and then reading the content of the blogs. All of these blogs generated are created locally with fake content and pictures. Learn more via the test page.

OpenBenchmarking.orgFinal Score, More Is BetterBlogBench 1.1Test: ReadPhysical500K1000K1500K2000K2500KSE +/- 3064.58, N = 322173561. (CC) gcc options: -O2 -pthread

OpenBenchmarking.orgFinal Score, More Is BetterBlogBench 1.1Test: WritePhysical14002800420056007000SE +/- 41.48, N = 363751. (CC) gcc options: -O2 -pthread


This is a test of t-test1 for basic memory allocator benchmarks. Note this test profile is currently very basic and the overall time does include the warmup time of the custom t-test1 compilation. Improvements welcome. Learn more via the test page.

OpenBenchmarking.orgSeconds, Fewer Is Bettert-test1 2017-01-13Threads: 1Physical3691215SE +/- 0.03, N = 313.381. (CC) gcc options: -pthread

OpenBenchmarking.orgSeconds, Fewer Is Bettert-test1 2017-01-13Threads: 2Physical1.03372.06743.10114.13485.1685SE +/- 0.007, N = 34.5941. (CC) gcc options: -pthread


iPerf is a network bandwidth throughput testing software. This test profile is used for automated testing of an iperf client and requires you have access to an iperf server. Learn more via the test page.

OpenBenchmarking.orgMbits/sec, More Is BetteriPerf 3.7Server Address: - Server Port: 5201 - Duration: 360 Seconds - Test: TCP - Parallel: 20Physical20040060080010009411. (CC) gcc options: -O3 -march=native -lssl -lcrypto -lm

John The Ripper

This is a benchmark of John The Ripper, which is a password cracker. Learn more via the test page.

OpenBenchmarking.orgReal C/S, More Is BetterJohn The Ripper 1.9.0-jumbo-1Test: BlowfishPhysical3K6K9K12K15KSE +/- 22.82, N = 3142151. (CC) gcc options: -m64 -lssl -lcrypto -fopenmp -pthread -lm -lz -ldl -lcrypt -lbz2

OpenBenchmarking.orgReal C/S, More Is BetterJohn The Ripper 1.9.0-jumbo-1Test: MD5Physical140K280K420K560K700KSE +/- 980.34, N = 36547101. (CC) gcc options: -m64 -lssl -lcrypto -fopenmp -pthread -lm -lz -ldl -lcrypt -lbz2

7-Zip Compression

This is a test of 7-Zip using p7zip with its integrated benchmark feature or upstream 7-Zip for the Windows x64 build. Learn more via the test page.

OpenBenchmarking.orgMIPS, More Is Better7-Zip Compression 16.02Compress Speed TestPhysical10K20K30K40K50KSE +/- 374.30, N = 3462021. (CXX) g++ options: -pipe -lpthread


OpenSSL is an open-source toolkit that implements SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols. This test profile makes use of the built-in "openssl speed" benchmarking capabilities. Learn more via the test page.

OpenBenchmarking.orgbyte/s, More Is BetterOpenSSL 3.0Algorithm: SHA256Physical2000M4000M6000M8000M10000MSE +/- 14376666.47, N = 384714138701. (CC) gcc options: -pthread -m64 -O3 -lssl -lcrypto -ldl

OpenBenchmarking.orgsign/s, More Is BetterOpenSSL 3.0Algorithm: RSA4096Physical400800120016002000SE +/- 0.32, N = 31757.61. (CC) gcc options: -pthread -m64 -O3 -lssl -lcrypto -ldl

OpenBenchmarking.orgverify/s, More Is BetterOpenSSL 3.0Algorithm: RSA4096Physical20K40K60K80K100KSE +/- 57.61, N = 3113456.21. (CC) gcc options: -pthread -m64 -O3 -lssl -lcrypto -ldl


This is a MariaDB MySQL database server benchmark making use of mysqlslap. Learn more via the test page.

OpenBenchmarking.orgQueries Per Second, More Is BetterMariaDB 10.6.4Clients: 16Physical400800120016002000SE +/- 1.25, N = 319351. (CXX) g++ options: -pie -fPIC -fstack-protector -O2 -pthread -lbz2 -lpcre2-8 -lcrypt -lz -lm -lssl -lcrypto -lpthread -ldl

SQLite Speedtest

This is a benchmark of SQLite's speedtest1 benchmark program with an increased problem size of 1,000. Learn more via the test page.

OpenBenchmarking.orgSeconds, Fewer Is BetterSQLite Speedtest 3.30Timed Time - Size 1,000Physical1326395265SE +/- 0.10, N = 359.751. (CC) gcc options: -O2 -ldl -lz -lpthread


PHPBench is a benchmark suite for PHP. It performs a large number of simple tests in order to bench various aspects of the PHP interpreter. PHPBench can be used to compare hardware, operating systems, PHP versions, PHP accelerators and caches, compiler options, etc. Learn more via the test page.

OpenBenchmarking.orgScore, More Is BetterPHPBench 0.8.1PHP Benchmark SuitePhysical130K260K390K520K650KSE +/- 973.08, N = 3599111

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