Quake II RTX

NVIDIA's Quake II RTX ray-traced (RTX path-traced global illumination) version of the original Quake II game. Quake II RTX makes use of Vulkan ray-tracing extensions on Windows and Linux.

To run this test with the Phoronix Test Suite, the basic command is: phoronix-test-suite benchmark quake2rtx.

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Test Created

21 May 2021

Last Updated

30 January 2022

Test Maintainer

Gary Dunn 

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Average Install Time

38 Seconds

Average Run Time

1 Minute, 10 Seconds


10k+ Downloads

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1920 x 108032.7%3840 x 216040.9%2560 x 144026.4%Resolution Option PopularityOpenBenchmarking.org
Medium21.9%Off23.6%Low28.3%High26.2%Global Illumination Option PopularityOpenBenchmarking.org
Off40.1%On59.9%Denoiser Option PopularityOpenBenchmarking.org
VK_NV_ray_tracing17.7%VK_KHR_ray_query45.3%VK_KHR_ray_tracing_pipeline37.0%Ray Tracing API Option PopularityOpenBenchmarking.org

Revision History

pts/quake2rtx-1.6.1   [View Source]   Sun, 30 Jan 2022 17:59:09 GMT
Enable Windows support for Quake II RTX using Windows GitHub copy.

pts/quake2rtx-1.6.0   [View Source]   Fri, 21 Jan 2022 18:28:25 GMT
Update against Quake II RTX, switch from using Steam based Q2RTX and instead just download Linux binary straight from GitHub... Simplifies things greatly and more reliable.

pts/quake2rtx-1.0.1   [View Source]   Wed, 26 May 2021 18:35:00 GMT
Fix for resolution setting as prior push somehow had pre.sh missing.

pts/quake2rtx-1.0.0   [View Source]   Fri, 21 May 2021 11:43:51 GMT
Initial commit of Quake 2 RTX test profile from https://github.com/phoronix-test-suite/test-profiles/pull/198

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Vulkan Ray-Tracing

Performance Metrics

Analyze Test Configuration:

Quake II RTX 1.6

Resolution: 3840 x 2160 - Global Illumination: High - Denoiser: On - Ray Tracing API: VK_KHR_ray_query

OpenBenchmarking.org metrics for this test profile configuration based on 208 public results since 21 January 2022 with the latest data as of 22 June 2023.

Below is an overview of the generalized performance for components where there is sufficient statistically significant data based upon user-uploaded results. It is important to keep in mind particularly in the Linux/open-source space there can be vastly different OS configurations, with this overview intended to offer just general guidance as to the performance expectations.

Percentile Rank
# Compatible Public Results
Frames Per Second (Average)
78.0 +/- 1.0
47.7 +/- 2.2
< 41.9
39.4 +/- 1.9
27.9 +/- 0.6
21.4 +/- 0.4
18.0 +/- 0.3
< 17.0
14.5 +/- 0.2
OpenBenchmarking.orgDistribution Of Public Results - Resolution: 3840 x 2160 - Global Illumination: High - Denoiser: On - Ray Tracing API: VK_KHR_ray_query208 Results Range From 0 To 280 Frames Per Second173451688510211913615317018720422123825527228920406080100

Based on OpenBenchmarking.org data, the selected test / test configuration (Quake II RTX 1.6 - Resolution: 3840 x 2160 - Global Illumination: High - Denoiser: On - Ray Tracing API: VK_KHR_ray_query) has an average run-time of 3 minutes. By default this test profile is set to run at least 3 times but may increase if the standard deviation exceeds pre-defined defaults or other calculations deem additional runs necessary for greater statistical accuracy of the result.

OpenBenchmarking.orgMinutesTime Required To Complete BenchmarkResolution: 3840 x 2160 - Global Illumination: High - Denoiser: On - Ray Tracing API: VK_KHR_ray_queryRun-Time612182430Min: 1 / Avg: 2.31 / Max: 29

Based on public OpenBenchmarking.org results, the selected test / test configuration has an average standard deviation of 0.1%.

OpenBenchmarking.orgPercent, Fewer Is BetterAverage Deviation Between RunsResolution: 3840 x 2160 - Global Illumination: High - Denoiser: On - Ray Tracing API: VK_KHR_ray_queryDeviation246810Min: 0 / Avg: 0.06 / Max: 1

Tested CPU Architectures

This benchmark has been successfully tested on the below mentioned architectures. The CPU architectures listed is where successful OpenBenchmarking.org result uploads occurred, namely for helping to determine if a given test is compatible with various alternative CPU architectures.

CPU Architecture
Kernel Identifier
Verified On
Intel / AMD x86 64-bit
(Many Processors)