FFTE is a package by Daisuke Takahashi to compute Discrete Fourier Transforms of 1-, 2- and 3- dimensional sequences of length (2^p)*(3^q)*(5^r).

To run this test with the Phoronix Test Suite, the basic command is: phoronix-test-suite benchmark ffte.

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7 April 2012

Last Updated

29 September 2020

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Michael Larabel 

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C/C++ Compiler Toolchain + Fortran


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Data current as of 26 November 2022.

Revision History

pts/ffte-1.2.1   [View Source]   Tue, 29 Sep 2020 10:43:28 GMT
Only build speed3d test that is used rather than make all to avoid a code issue elsewhere in codebase with latest GCC Gfortran.

pts/ffte-1.2.0   [View Source]   Sun, 27 Sep 2020 14:17:57 GMT
Update against FFTE 7.0, switch to speed3d for more demanding test.

pts/ffte-1.1.0   [View Source]   Sun, 04 Mar 2018 11:35:47 GMT
Update against FFTE 6.0, add Windows support.

pts/ffte-1.0.1   [View Source]   Sat, 07 Apr 2012 21:19:21 GMT
Syncing fix.

pts/ffte-1.0.0   [View Source]   Sat, 07 Apr 2012 21:09:37 GMT
Initial commit of a basic FFTE 5.0 test profile.

Suites Using This Test

HPC - High Performance Computing

Scientific Computing

Performance Metrics

Analyze Test Configuration:

FFTE 7.0

Test: N=256, 1D Complex FFT Routine

OpenBenchmarking.org metrics for this test profile configuration based on 22 public results since 20 October 2020 with the latest data as of 27 September 2022.

Additional benchmark metrics will come after OpenBenchmarking.org has collected a sufficient data-set.

OpenBenchmarking.orgDistribution Of Public Results - Test: N=256, 1D Complex FFT Routine22 Results Range From 1485 To 94681 MFLOPS1485334952137077894110805126691453316397182612012521989238532571727581294453130933173350373690138765406294249344357462214808549949518135367755541574055926961133629976486166725685897045372317741817604577909797738163783501853658722989093909579282194685246810

Based on OpenBenchmarking.org data, the selected test / test configuration (FFTE 7.0 - Test: N=256, 1D Complex FFT Routine) has an average run-time of 2 minutes. By default this test profile is set to run at least 3 times but may increase if the standard deviation exceeds pre-defined defaults or other calculations deem additional runs necessary for greater statistical accuracy of the result.

OpenBenchmarking.orgMinutesTime Required To Complete BenchmarkTest: N=256, 1D Complex FFT RoutineRun-Time246810Min: 1 / Avg: 1 / Max: 1

Based on public OpenBenchmarking.org results, the selected test / test configuration has an average standard deviation of 2%.

OpenBenchmarking.orgPercent, Fewer Is BetterAverage Deviation Between RunsTest: N=256, 1D Complex FFT RoutineDeviation3691215Min: 0 / Avg: 2 / Max: 10

Notable Instruction Set Usage

Notable instruction set extensions supported by this test, based on an automatic analysis by the Phoronix Test Suite / OpenBenchmarking.org analytics engine.

Instruction Set
Instructions Detected
Used by default on supported hardware.
Last automated analysis: 17 January 2022

This test profile binary relies on the shared libraries libgfortran.so.5, libm.so.6, libgomp.so.1, libc.so.6, libquadmath.so.0.

Tested CPU Architectures

This benchmark has been successfully tested on the below mentioned architectures. The CPU architectures listed is where successful OpenBenchmarking.org result uploads occurred, namely for helping to determine if a given test is compatible with various alternative CPU architectures.

CPU Architecture
Kernel Identifier
Verified On
Intel / AMD x86 64-bit
(Many Processors)
ARMv8 64-bit
ARMv8 Cortex-A53 4-Core