ETXreaL is a new engine that's paired with the original id Software Enemy Territory game assets. The improved open-source engine offers 64-bit support, an OpenGL 3.2 renderer, OpenGL VBO (vertex buffer object) changes, true 64-bit HDR lighting, deferred shading, real-time sun lights, relief mapping, and many other visual features not found in the original id Tech 3 engine with Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

To run this test with the Phoronix Test Suite, the basic command is: phoronix-test-suite benchmark etxreal.

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Test Created

10 April 2012

Test Maintainer

Michael Larabel 

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Average Install Time

20 Seconds

Average Run Time

1 Minute, 53 Seconds

Test Dependencies

7-Zip / p7zip + SDL 1.x


100k+ Downloads

Supported Platforms

Supported Architectures

x86 + x86_64

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Revision History

pts/etxreal-1.0.0   [View Source]   Tue, 10 Apr 2012 09:29:36 GMT
Initial commit of ETXreaL engine.

Performance Metrics

This test profile does not have enough data available on yet to provide any detailed metrics.