Java Java

The Java test suite contains all Java-based test profiles within the Phoronix Test Suite.

See how your system performs with this suite using the Phoronix Test Suite. It's as easy as running the phoronix-test-suite benchmark java command..

Tests In This Suite

  • Bork File Encrypter

  • DaCapo Benchmark

  •         Java Test: Eclipse
  •         Java Test: Avrora AVR Simulation Framework
  •         Java Test: Batik SVG Toolkit
  •         Java Test: FOP Print Formatter
  •         Java Test: PMD Source Code Analyzer
  •         Java Test: Apache Tomcat
  •         Java Test: Apache Xalan XSLT
  •         Java Test: Apache Lucene Search Index
  •         Java Test: Apache Lucene Search Engine
  •         Java Test: H2 Database Engine
  •         Java Test: Jython
  •         Java Test: Tradebeans
  •         Java Test: Tradesoap
  •         Java Test: BioJava Biological Data Framework
  •         Java Test: Apache Cassandra
  •         Java Test: GraphChi
  •         Java Test: H2O In-Memory Platform For Machine Learning
  •         Java Test: jMonkeyEngine
  •         Java Test: Apache Kafka
  •         Java Test: Spring Boot
  •         Java Test: Zxing 1D/2D Barcode Image Processing
  • Java Gradle Build

  •         Gradle Build: Reactor
  • Java JMH

  • Java SciMark

  •         Computational Test: Composite
  •         Computational Test: Fast Fourier Transform
  •         Computational Test: Jacobi Successive Over-Relaxation
  •         Computational Test: Monte Carlo
  •         Computational Test: Sparse Matrix Multiply
  •         Computational Test: Dense LU Matrix Factorization
  • Renaissance

  •         Test: Akka Unbalanced Cobwebbed Tree
  •         Test: Savina Reactors.IO
  •         Test: Apache Spark ALS
  •         Test: Random Forest
  •         Test: Apache Spark Bayes
  •         Test: Apache Spark PageRank
  •         Test: In-Memory Database Shootout
  •         Test: Scala Dotty
  •         Test: Finagle HTTP Requests
  •         Test: Genetic Algorithm Using Jenetics + Futures
  •         Test: ALS Movie Lens
  • Sunflow Rendering System

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