Intel Xeon Platinum 8253

The Intel Xeon Platinum 8253 is a 16 core and 32 thread processor configuration with 3GHz clock speed. This processor has been found on since Q4'2019 and found in approximately 2,143 results on

Compare The Intel Xeon Platinum 8253 Against Other CPUs.

Below is a generalized look at the performance across various test profiles and where relevant the different test profile options exposed for a high-level look at the performance compared to all available public test results on Of the 62 test profiles the overall rank was approximately in the 39th percentile.

nginx   98th Percentile
apache   96th Percentile
node-express-loadtest   90th Percentile
rodinia   82nd Percentile
redis   82nd Percentile
compress-7zip   79th Percentile
build-linux-kernel   77th Percentile
smallpt   77th Percentile
mkl-dnn   72nd Percentile
pgbench   71st Percentile
build-php   70th Percentile
x264   69th Percentile
compress-xz   68th Percentile
c-ray   66th Percentile
indigobench   64th Percentile
asmfish   64th Percentile
john-the-ripper   64th Percentile
stockfish   63rd Percentile
rocksdb   58th Percentile
svt-hevc   56th Percentile
namd   55th Percentile
coremark   55th Percentile
build-llvm   53rd Percentile
povray   52nd Percentile
pybench   52nd Percentile
hackbench   48th Percentile
appleseed   48th Percentile
build-gcc   47th Percentile
mlpack   47th Percentile
inkscape   46th Percentile
sqlite-speedtest   45th Percentile
build2   43rd Percentile
rawtherapee   43rd Percentile
graphics-magick   42nd Percentile
x265   41st Percentile
tungsten   40th Percentile
rust-mandel   39th Percentile
glibc-bench   37th Percentile
m-queens   36th Percentile
parboil   35th Percentile
v-ray   35th Percentile
svt-av1   32nd Percentile
embree   31st Percentile
gimp   29th Percentile
dav1d   29th Percentile
opencv-bench   28th Percentile
ospray   28th Percentile
radiance   25th Percentile
himeno   23rd Percentile
rays1bench   23rd Percentile
blender   22nd Percentile
swet   21st Percentile
rsvg   21st Percentile
numpy   20th Percentile
pyperformance   19th Percentile
dacapobench   16th Percentile
mrbayes   14th Percentile
vpxenc   14th Percentile
octave-benchmark   11th Percentile
deepspeech   10th Percentile
gegl   9th Percentile
polyhedron   5th Percentile

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