AMD Ryzen 5 5600 6-Core testing with a Gigabyte B550M DS3H AC (F1 BIOS) and MSI AMD Radeon RX 7700S/7600S on Debian 12 via the Phoronix Test Suite.

HTML result view exported from: https://openbenchmarking.org/result/2309230-NE-UN136015459.

un1ProcessorMotherboardChipsetMemoryDiskGraphicsAudioMonitorNetworkOSKernelDesktopDisplay ServerCompilerFile-SystemScreen ResolutionMSI AMD Radeon RX 7700SAMD Ryzen 5 5600 6-Core @ 3.50GHz (6 Cores / 12 Threads)Gigabyte B550M DS3H AC (F1 BIOS)AMD Starship/Matisse32GB2048GB T-FORCE T253TY00 + 240GB KINGSTON SA400M8 + 2000GB Seagate ST2000DM008-2FR1 + 62GB UltraMSI AMD Radeon RX 7700S/7600S (2283/1124MHz)AMD Device ab30VL279 + Sceptre F27 + LG TV SSCR2Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 + Realtek RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIeDebian 126.1.0-12-amd64 (x86_64)GNOME Shell 43.6X Server + WaylandGCC 12.2.0ext43000x1920OpenBenchmarking.org- Transparent Huge Pages: always- Scaling Governor: acpi-cpufreq schedutil (Boost: Enabled) - CPU Microcode: 0xa20120a- GLAMOR - vBIOS Version: 113-V502MECH-1OC- gather_data_sampling: Not affected + itlb_multihit: Not affected + l1tf: Not affected + mds: Not affected + meltdown: Not affected + mmio_stale_data: Not affected + retbleed: Not affected + spec_rstack_overflow: Mitigation of safe RET no microcode + spec_store_bypass: Mitigation of SSB disabled via prctl + spectre_v1: Mitigation of usercopy/swapgs barriers and __user pointer sanitization + spectre_v2: Mitigation of Retpolines IBPB: conditional IBRS_FW STIBP: always-on RSB filling PBRSB-eIBRS: Not affected + srbds: Not affected + tsx_async_abort: Not affected

un1unigine-heaven: 1920 x 1080 - Fullscreen - OpenGLStandard ErrorStandard DeviationMSI AMD Radeon RX 7700S222.2080.230.18%OpenBenchmarking.org

Unigine Heaven

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 - Mode: Fullscreen - Renderer: OpenGL

OpenBenchmarking.orgFrames Per Second, More Is BetterUnigine Heaven 4.0Resolution: 1920 x 1080 - Mode: Fullscreen - Renderer: OpenGLMSI AMD Radeon RX 7700S50100150200250SE +/- 0.23, N = 3222.21

Phoronix Test Suite v10.8.4