ARMv8 Cortex-A72 Benchmarks

Various open-source benchmarks by the Phoronix Test Suite v10.8.4.

Compare your own system(s) to this result file with the Phoronix Test Suite by running the command: phoronix-test-suite benchmark 2309215-NE-ARMV8CORT36
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ARMv8 Cortex-A72
September 22
  2 Minutes

ARMv8 Cortex-A72 BenchmarksOpenBenchmarking.orgPhoronix Test SuiteARMv8 Cortex-A72 @ 2.00GHz (4 Cores)BCM2835 Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.5Broadcom BCM27118GB64GB SD64Gvc4drmfb2490W1Debian 116.1.21-v8+ (aarch64)LXDE 0.10.1X Server 1.20.11GCC 10.2.1 20210110ext41920x1080ProcessorMotherboardChipsetMemoryDiskGraphicsMonitorOSKernelDesktopDisplay ServerCompilerFile-SystemScreen ResolutionARMv8 Cortex-A72 Benchmarks PerformanceSystem Logs- snd_bcm2835.enable_headphones=0 snd_bcm2835.enable_headphones=1 snd_bcm2835.enable_hdmi=1 snd_bcm2835.enable_hdmi=0 - Scaling Governor: cpufreq-dt ondemand- itlb_multihit: Not affected + l1tf: Not affected + mds: Not affected + meltdown: Not affected + mmio_stale_data: Not affected + retbleed: Not affected + spec_store_bypass: Vulnerable + spectre_v1: Mitigation of __user pointer sanitization + spectre_v2: Vulnerable + srbds: Not affected + tsx_async_abort: Not affected

Sample Pi Program

A simple C++ program that calculates Pi to 8,765,4321 digits using the Leibniz formula. This test can be used for showcasing how to write a basic test profile. Learn more via the test page.

OpenBenchmarking.orgSeconds, Fewer Is BetterSample Pi ProgramARMv8 Cortex-A72510152025SE +/- 0.03, N = 321.13