Compare your own system(s) to this result file with the Phoronix Test Suite by running the command: phoronix-test-suite benchmark 2205013-NE-SPEEDTEST72
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Performance Per
Realtek RTL8125 2.5GbE
May 01
  22 Minutes
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speedtest1OpenBenchmarking.orgPhoronix Test Suite 10.8.3Intel Core i7-11700K @ 3.50GHz (8 Cores / 16 Threads)Gigabyte Z590 AORUS ELITE AX (F5d BIOS)Intel Tiger Lake-H32GB1000GB Western Digital WD_BLACK SN850 1TB + 250GB Samsung SSD 860 + 1000GB Samsung SSD 860 + 240GB INTEL SSDSC2BW24 + 500GB PSSD T7eVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER 8GBRealtek ALC1220Realtek RTL8125 2.5GbE + Intel Tiger Lake PCH CNVi WiFiUbuntu (x86_64)GNOME Shell 42.0X Server 1.20.13 + WaylandNVIDIA 510. 11.2.0ext43840x2160ProcessorMotherboardChipsetMemoryDiskGraphicsAudioNetworkOSKernelDesktopDisplay ServerDisplay DriverOpenGLVulkanCompilerFile-SystemScreen ResolutionSpeedtest1 BenchmarksSystem Logs- Transparent Huge Pages: madvise- Scaling Governor: acpi-cpufreq schedutil (Boost: Enabled) - CPU Microcode: 0x40 - Thermald 2.4.9- Python 3.10.4- itlb_multihit: Not affected + l1tf: Not affected + mds: Not affected + meltdown: Not affected + spec_store_bypass: Mitigation of SSB disabled via prctl and seccomp + spectre_v1: Mitigation of usercopy/swapgs barriers and __user pointer sanitization + spectre_v2: Mitigation of Enhanced IBRS IBPB: conditional RSB filling + srbds: Not affected + tsx_async_abort: Not affected


OpenBenchmarking.orgMbit/s, More Is Betterspeedtest-cli 2.1.3Internet Download SpeedRealtek RTL8125 2.5GbE306090120150SE +/- 8.96, N = 15146.05

OpenBenchmarking.orgMbit/s, More Is Betterspeedtest-cli 2.1.3Internet Upload SpeedRealtek RTL8125 2.5GbE48121620SE +/- 0.39, N = 1514.25

OpenBenchmarking.orgms, Fewer Is Betterspeedtest-cli 2.1.3Internet LatencyRealtek RTL8125 2.5GbE714212835SE +/- 1.27, N = 1528.46