2 x Intel Xeon Silver 4210 testing with a Huawei BC11SPSC0 (7.85 BIOS) and Huawei Hi171x [iBMC Intelligent Management chip w/VGA support] on Ubuntu 16.04 via the Phoronix Test Suite.

Compare your own system(s) to this result file with the Phoronix Test Suite by running the command: phoronix-test-suite benchmark 2103011-HA-YAYA0664564
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March 01
  3 Minutes

yayaOpenBenchmarking.orgPhoronix Test Suite 10.6.02 x Intel Xeon Silver 4210 @ 2.20GHz (20 Cores / 40 Threads)Huawei BC11SPSC0 (7.85 BIOS)Intel Sky Lake-E DMI3 Registers4 x 32 GB DDR4-2400MHz Hynix HMAA4GR7AJR8N-WM960GB INTEL SSDSC2KB96Huawei Hi171x [iBMC Intelligent Management chip w/VGA support]2 x Intel X722 for 10GbE SFP+Ubuntu (x86_64)1.0.61GCC 5.4.0 20160609ext4800x600ProcessorMotherboardChipsetMemoryDiskGraphicsNetworkOSKernelVulkanCompilerFile-SystemScreen ResolutionYaya BenchmarksSystem Logs- Transparent Huge Pages: always- --build=x86_64-linux-gnu --disable-browser-plugin --disable-vtable-verify --disable-werror --enable-checking=release --enable-clocale=gnu --enable-gnu-unique-object --enable-gtk-cairo --enable-java-awt=gtk --enable-java-home --enable-languages=c,ada,c++,java,go,d,fortran,objc,obj-c++ --enable-libmpx --enable-libstdcxx-debug --enable-libstdcxx-time=yes --enable-multiarch --enable-multilib --enable-nls --enable-objc-gc --enable-plugin --enable-shared --enable-threads=posix --host=x86_64-linux-gnu --target=x86_64-linux-gnu --with-abi=m64 --with-arch-32=i686 --with-arch-directory=amd64 --with-default-libstdcxx-abi=new --with-multilib-list=m32,m64,mx32 --with-tune=generic -v - Scaling Governor: acpi-cpufreq performance (Boost: Enabled) - CPU Microcode: 0x5002f00 - l1tf: Not affected + meltdown: Not affected + spec_store_bypass: Mitigation of SSB disabled via prctl and seccomp + spectre_v1: Mitigation of __user pointer sanitization + spectre_v2: Mitigation of Enhanced IBRS IBPB

Apache Benchmark

This is a test of ab, which is the Apache benchmark program. This test profile measures how many requests per second a given system can sustain when carrying out 1,000,000 requests with 100 requests being carried out concurrently. Learn more via the OpenBenchmarking.org test page.

OpenBenchmarking.orgRequests Per Second, More Is BetterApache Benchmark 2.4.29Static Web Page Servingtata4K8K12K16K20KSE +/- 56.80, N = 319496.141. (CC) gcc options: -shared -fPIC -O2 -pthread