Apache Siege [pts/apache-siege]

This is a test of the Apache web server performance being facilitated by the Siege web serverb enchmark program.

This utility test was uploaded by Phoronix Test Suite.

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Revision History

pts/apache-siege-1.0.2 [29 Jul 2018 18:57:33 EDT]
- Don't spew so much unneeded information to the log file as was getting 100MB+ logs with intensive tests.

pts/apache-siege-1.0.1 [29 Jul 2018 18:08:19 EDT]
- Ensure siege.config is generated.

pts/apache-siege-1.0.0 [29 Jul 2018 17:22:54 EDT]
- Add an additional Apache HTTPD benchmark profile, this one allows multi-threaded testing using Siege.

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