FS-Mark [pts/fs-mark]

Showing composite data for the trailing 3 years for the pts/fs-mark test profile of all disk components where there are at least 10 results with systems having the listed component. The standard error is reported for the difference in performance against all available data. For test profiles where multiple options/versions are available, the most popular result combinations are listed first. This data is based upon 12,307 results.

Limit Resuls To Hardware/Software Matches:

1000 Files, 1MB Size

OpenBenchmarking.orgFiles/s, More Is BetterFS-Mark v3.3OpenBenchmarking.org Stats: 1000 Files, 1MB SizeSeagate ST250DM000-1BD14QEMU HDDSeagate ST500LM021-1KJ15PersistentDiskWestern Digital WD10EAVS-32DExpansion DeskHitachi HDS5C302SPCC Solid StateVirtual diskSSDSA2SH032G1GNLOGICAL VOLUME70140210280350SE +/- 0.41SE +/- 3.98SE +/- 0.63SE +/- 0.01SE +/- 8.20SE +/- 15.54SE +/- 1.28SE +/- 66.94SE +/- 37.66SE +/- 58.1712.1615.2124.6734.6890.197.05111.18129.2155.04220.96310.33Phoronix Test Suite 7.0.0