Radeon ROCm vs. NVIDIA OpenCL August 2017

Benchmark: Write

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OpenBenchmarking.orgGB/s, More Is Bettercl-mem v2017-01-13Benchmark: WriteRadeon R9 290Radeon RX 480Radeon RX 560Radeon RX 580Radeon R9 FuryGeForce GTX 780 TiGeForce GTX 960GeForce GTX 970GeForce GTX 980GeForce GTX 980 TiGeForce GTX 1050GeForce GTX 1060GeForce GTX 1070GeForce GTX 1080GeForce GTX 1080 TiRadeon Vega FE80160240320400SE +/- 1.08SE +/- 0.10SE +/- 0.12SE +/- 0.80SE +/- 4.06SE +/- 0.12SE +/- 0.03SE +/- 0.31SE +/- 0.09SE +/- 0.87SE +/- 0.22SE +/- 0.21217.70179.7080.90180.70391.50252.0070.80129.70152.30238.4085.73138.70191.43213.13335.47362.80Phoronix Test Suite 7.8.01. (CC) gcc options: -O2 -flto -lOpenCL

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A basic OpenCL memory benchmark.

Radeon ROCm vs. NVIDIA OpenCL August 2017

Radeon ROCm and NVIDIA OpenCL Linux testing by Michael Larabel for a future article on Phoronix.

This test can be reproduced via the Phoronix Test Suite by running the phoronix-test-suite benchmark 1708103-TY-1708107TY43 command.