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OpenBenchmarking.org Performance Indexes

The OpenBenchmarking.org Performance Indexes are automatically generated from the OpenBenchmarking.org Performance Classification (OPC) data of test results that are publicly available on OpenBenchmarking.org. Products listed have been tested with the Phoronix Test Suite / OpenBenchmarking.org software multiple times by the community. In other words, only the most well tested hardware is shown, but more results are available from the OpenBenchmarking.org search engine and other areas of the site. Products are classified as low/mid/high-end hardware based upon forming a composite value of all results and separating the data on the 33rd and 66th percentiles. Outliers are automatically removed and other safeguards are in place to deter "gaming" of the system. Hardware products are also sub-grouped by their relevant driver and/or operating system.

The performance indexes should currently be considered beta with more features and capabilities coming soon, including the ability to look at the overall rank for hardware component(s). These lists will also expand as new user tests are carried out.