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fsv-system-disk: Tests on CentOS 5.2, Intel Celeron 420, XGI, NEC 5800

These test results were obtained from the Phoronix Global platform with older versions of the Phoronix Test Suite. As such, not all features of OpenBenchmarking.org are available for this set of results.


fsv-system-diskProcessorMotherboardChipsetSystem MemoryDiskGraphicsScreen ResolutionOSKernelDisplay ServerOpenGLCompilerFile-Systemfsv-system-diskIntel Celeron CPU 420 @ 1.60GHz (Total Cores: 1)NEC Express5800/Ra [N8400-999S01]Intel E7230/3000/3010 + ICH72 x 512 MB DDR2-533MHz70GBXGI (eXtreme Graphics Innovation) Volari Z71600x1200CentOS (x86_64)UnknownN/AGCC 4.1.2ext3OpenBenchmarking.org


fsv-system-diskLAME MP3 EncodingTimed ImageMagick CompilationGzip CompressionIOzoneIOzoneIOzoneSQLiteGnuPGfsv-system-disk58.9614.84194.09132.5646.4766.941182.9470.14OpenBenchmarking.org

LAME MP3 Encoding

OpenBenchmarking.orgSeconds, Less Is BetterLAME MP3 Encoding v3.98.2WAV To MP3fsv-system-disk1326395265SE +/- 0.0358.96Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0

Timed ImageMagick Compilation

OpenBenchmarking.orgSeconds, Less Is BetterTimed ImageMagick Compilation v6.4.0Time To Compilefsv-system-disk48121620SE +/- 0.0014.84Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0

Gzip Compression

OpenBenchmarking.orgSeconds, Less Is BetterGzip Compression2GB File Compressionfsv-system-disk4080120160200SE +/- 6.02194.09Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0


OpenBenchmarking.orgMB/s, More Is BetterIOzone v3.315512MB Write Performancefsv-system-disk306090120150SE +/- 36.17132.56Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0


OpenBenchmarking.orgMB/s, More Is BetterIOzone v3.3151GB Write Performancefsv-system-disk1122334455SE +/- 4.9946.47Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0


OpenBenchmarking.orgMB/s, More Is BetterIOzone v3.3151GB Read Performancefsv-system-disk1530456075SE +/- 0.4266.94Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0


OpenBenchmarking.orgSeconds, Less Is BetterSQLite v3.6.6.212,500 INSERTsfsv-system-disk30060090012001500SE +/- 12.401182.94Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0


OpenBenchmarking.orgSeconds, Less Is BetterGnuPG v1.4.92GB File Encryptionfsv-system-disk1632486480SE +/- 1.1570.14Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0