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What Is The Best [Hardware] For [Your Favorite App]?

Building upon the OpenBenchmarking.org Performance Classification Indexes introduced this morning, here's a new feature for this Saturday afternoon. However, it's more of a preview feature right now until more data is gathered, but once the data pool is larger, this feature should be incredibly useful.

The performance indexes introduced this morning are intended to be useful if you are looking for an overview at the most popular low/mid/high-end products that are motherboards, GPUs, CPUs, or disk drives. It's a quick and easy list to glance at if you're trying to narrow down your hardware options for an upgrade or new computer. But what if you're interested in finding the best CPU/GPU/motherboard/disk (or even display driver, compiler, kernel, etc for a given test)? Well, we can break that down too for you quite easily.

As long as your favorite application or the workload most relevant to you has a test profile and is used by others, we can also show you precisely the most popular low/medium/high-end components at a broad level of results spanning the entire OpenBenchmarking.org spectrum while catered to the specific game/test/application that is of interest to you or your company.

Due to really needing a much larger data set (since there are 120+ tests and many different configurations the tests can be executed), right now when viewing the OpenBenchmarking.org Performance Classification (OPC) data from a test profile it will show you the most popular and relevant components. The results are averaged from the entire database and then presented on another heat-map bar. Again, OpenBenchmarking.org auto-matches what is being tested if it's a game or graphics test, the GPU is shown by default, if it's a CPU/system test the motherboard or CPU is displayed, etc.

Not all test profiles will show this data right now until there is more data at hand, but for all of the popular test profiles you should be able to see these general performance overviews. When the data is larger, search capabilities will be added specifically to this area if, for example, you're looking the performance of Radeon HD 6000 series vs. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 400 series GPUs in Nexuiz. There will also be the option to show the different drivers and/or other relevant components for a given test. Hopefully you all understand the idea.

Anyhow, below are a few test profiles where this 'early look' feature is showing some data:

- Popular CPUs for 7-Zip compression
- HDDs and SSDs for PostMark
- CPUs for ray-tracing
- Intel CPUs for John The Ripper

Like all of the OpenBenchmarking.org features, this will work for any test profile regardless of whether it's an official test or a third-party one uploaded to OpenBenchmarking.org and just ran by select users. It also doesn't need to be a pure performance test but this could also be utilized for looking at the battery performance for mobile devices, the CPU utilization during video playback, and pretty much anything else that can be monitored.

This feature should be very interesting once the data set is huge and other software projects begin utilizing OpenBenchmarking.org to drive their testing. The question of what's the best _______ for _______? can be easily answered. Of course, as OpenBenchmarking.org already has lots of pricing data on this hardware, there's nothing that would prevent comparing the performance directly over the real-time price as we already support on other areas of the site.

Back to working on more features and improving the interface.

This is a post from the OpenBenchmarking.org Blog by Michael Larabel. What Is The Best [Hardware] For [Your Favorite App]? was posted in Announcements on Saturday, 05 March 2011.

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