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Making A Download Cache In PTS3-Iveland

A number of companies have been asking what happened to phoronix-test-suite make-download-cache in Phoronix Test Suite 3.0-Iveland. The option was removed as there is a new solution coming, but make-download-cache support has been restored for Phoronix Test Suite 3.0.1.

My basic explanation to the enterprise users about the option's removal has been:

The make-download-cache option was removed from PTS3 as the plans are to have the test files automatically download to the download-cache and then from there to be sym-linked to the respective test profiles. Therefore the download-cache is always up-to-date since that's where the files reside and are just linked from there. However, this change didn't end up being merged into PTS 3.0.0 as I simply was too busy pre-release. It will though likely be that way for PTS 3.2; your comments are welcome. Anyhow, in PTS 3.0.1 which will be released in a week or two, I can add back the make-download-cache as an interim solution.

The reason for this change is that with the advent of OpenBenchmarking.org and integration into the Phoronix Test Suite, it's easier than ever -- and will only continue to get much easier -- to create your own test profiles. These test profiles could be entirely new tests, or they could be extensions of others (using the Phoronix Test Suite's Cascading Test Profiles feature) and modifications. In the later conditions, it would require the user to re-download the files for each form of a given test profile (or to be manually creating the download cache each time) and there would be multiple copies of the same files floating around the same system.

With all the files to live always within the download cache and then just linked from there, it's much cleaner and there's a lower concern about modifying and extending existing tests without eating up your disk or Internet bandwidth.

Just a few minutes ago to the phoronix-test-suite.git master I added back the make-download-cache command after porting it to the 3.0 architecture. Now using the Git code -- and with 3.0.1 -- you can use make-download-cache just like Phoronix Test Suite 1.x/2.x.

It should now be with Phoronix Test Suite 3.2-Grimstad, to be released around May, where the change will be made to download and use the central download cache (~/.phoronix-test-suite/download-cache/) by default.

Phoronix Test Suite 3.0.1 will be released in the next week or two. Restoring the make-download-cache command is the biggest addition so far and besides that there are just a couple of fixes right now already living in Git.

This is a post from the OpenBenchmarking.org Blog by Michael Larabel. Making A Download Cache In PTS3-Iveland was posted in Phoronix Test Suite on Friday, 04 March 2011.

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