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AMD FX-8350 Vishera Reviews

Looking for hardware reviews on the new AMD FX-8350 Vishera? OpenBenchmarking.org's Cekora Engine has found some.

AMD FX-8350 Vishera Reviews:

benchmarkreviews.com: AMD introduced its new FX-series processors almost exactly a year ago, and AMD enthusiasts hoped these Zambezi CPUs, built on AMD's new Bulldozer architecture, would provide real competition to Intel's Sandy Bridge line. But although the FX-8150 had eight integer cores and was capable of high clock speeds, its high price and poor performance at the individual core level meant that it wasn't very competitive with the equivalent Intel CPUs. Now we have the AMD FX-8350 CPU, code-named Vishera and based on the Piledriver architecture to test. Has AMD managed to reduce the performance deficit relative to Intel? Let's find out.

guru3d.com: We review the AMD FX 8350 processor today. You guys have been hearing the magic word 'Vishera' for a while now and it is the codename for the new Piledriver core based FX series processors from AMD. The CPU tested today has eight physical CPU cores, it will have a base clock of 4000 MHz, and can Turbo towards 4200. And that makes the FX series a multi-threaded high frequency monster. You can read our review right here at Guru3D of course.

hardocp.com: AMD's new Piledriver core technology should not be a surprise to any enthusiast as much of its "embargoed" information has already been exposed on the Net. Today we take the AMD FX series model 8350 desktop variant, code named Vishera, and look at it in an enthusiast way as we expose its IPC at 4GHz, and a bit of overclocking.

hardwareheaven.com: Now a year on from the FX-8150 launch AMD are back with a revision of their performance orientated CPUs. The new FX-8350 revises the cores used and bumps up the speed for a product which again is designed to maximise price and performance for those looking to spend about $199 on a chip. We will be taking a look at the new chip in a selection of real world and synthetic tests against the FX-8150 and i5-3570K along with a look at the benefits of AMDs recently launched 12.11 beta driver which promises much improved 7000 series performance.

hexus.net: It is just over a year since AMD launched its flagship consumer CPU. Probably known to you as 'Bulldozer' and brought to market under the performance-intimating FX branding, AMD's grounds-up design, comprised of up to eight cores, generally failed to win us over. We finished off that review by saying 'AMD's gone down a path with Bulldozer from which there is no turning back, so while there's nothing intrinsically horrible with the FX line of chips, given the price, we feel as if the balancing act of die size, modules, cores, speeds, IPC and power-draw - the facets that define a modern processor - aren't nearly as impressive as we'd hoped for.'

hothardware.com: Even before AMD officially released its Bulldozer-based FX-Series of desktop processors last year, the company was already talking about the follow-on microarchitecture codenamed ?Piledriver?. In fact, in the conclusion of our launch article featuring the AMD FX-8150, we posted an AMD-provided slide that showed Piledriver was already on-deck and that it would offer IPC and power improvements over existing architectures, which would result in roughly a 10% to 15% uplift in performance.

techpowerup.com: Without much fanfare, AMD is launching yet another new product, this time the Piledriver-based AM3+ CPUs. Ready as a drop-in replacement for current 9-series AMD motherboards, the FX-8350 not only offers a bit of a surprise in performance, but also a suprise that your wallet will like too!

techreport.com: The next revision of AMD's top-of-the-line desktop CPU has arrived. Can it carve out a place for itself in a very difficult competitive environment? The answer may surprise you.

Find more on the FX-8350 Vishera with an OpenBenchmarking.org search.

This is a post from the OpenBenchmarking.org Blog. AMD FX-8350 Vishera Reviews was posted in Product Launches on Tuesday, 23 October 2012.

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