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AMD FX-8150 Reviews

Looking for hardware reviews on the new AMD FX-8150? OpenBenchmarking.org's Cekora Engine has found some.

AMD FX-8150 Reviews:

benchmarkreviews.com: The days when AMD processors ruled the performance roost are long gone, and most enthusiasts have forgotten they ever existed. But less than a decade ago, the Athlon X2 dual-core processor thoroughly spanked Intel's first crude dual-core efforts, which were simply two separate processor dies on one chip, communicating through the front-side bus, as opposed to AMD's much more advanced true dual-core CPUs. But AMD's been playing catch-up since then, and has been forced to compete on price rather than performance in desktop processors. Now Benchmark Reviews tests the high end of the new Bulldozer desktop CPU line, the multiplier-unlocked 8-core FX-8150 CPU.

bit-tech.net: The wait is finally over

The wait is finally over
There?s been plenty of confusion surrounding Bulldozer since we first heard about the new CPU microarchitecture back in July 2007 ? we were told it was a modular CPU design that would incorporate a GPU. And that there would be only two flavours of Fusion processor ? one based around Bulldozer for high-performance CPUs and another Bobcat design for low-power systems.

hardocp.com: Computer hardware enthusiasts have literally waited for years for AMD's Bulldozer architecture to come to market and we finally see this today in its desktop form, code named Zambezi, brand named AMD FX. In this article we share with you our analysis of Bulldozer's performance in synthetic benchmarks and desktop applications.

hardwareheaven.com: Today we get to see for the first time how the top model in AMDs new FX range of CPUs, previously known as Bulldozer, performs against the existing Intel equivalent as we put the two CPUs head to head. Not only that though we will test their entire platform, testing gaming, USB 3.0, SATA 6Gb/s and PCIe performance.

hothardware.com: Today AMD is officially taking the wraps off its latest FX-Series of desktop processors, targeted at performance-minded PC enthusiasts and overclockers. The FX-Series is based on the processor core formerly codenamed Zambezi, which leverages AMD?s much anticipated Bulldozer microarchitecture. The flagship processor in the new FX-Series line-up is the FX-8150, an unlocked, 8-Core processor, with gobs of cache and peak Turbo frequencies that exceed the 4GHz mark. But there?s a lot more to the FX-Series than speeds and feeds. The Bulldozer microarchitecture is a completely new design, which was built from the ground up in an attempt to shed some weight and produce a modular, highly-efficient CPU...

legitreviews.com: The AMD FX-8150 processor is certainly one of the most anticipated processors and AMD fans should be excited for what AMD has been able to do with the new architecture. Many were expecting Bulldozer to beat all of Intel's offerings, but we were told many months ago that it would mainly be competing with the Intel Core i5 'Sandy Bridge' processors. This might be a major let down to some, but at the end of the day AMD has managed to stay alive and bring out a processor that is still competitive with what Intel has to offer. In this economy and state of the computer industry that is must...

lostcircuits.com: AMD?s Zambezi /Bulldozer architecture has been one of the most anticipated and novel approaches to the existing x86 concept. Building a modular CPU, streamlined towards where it counts, that is, emphasizing integer operations by doubling the number of ?cores? and sharing a single floating point unit between the latter for optimal use of the available resources including footprint appears a valuable strategy. But paper is patient and theory is gray. As with all radical detours from the beaten path, there is an inherent risk that the well-planned strategy may not work and sometimes, it is as simple as an error of the transcription, like, on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is given as - - and 5 is given as a ++. And then, an engineer gets involved and does the math. And assumes the "--" has to be a ?double-negative?. Let?s assume something like that must have happened.

madshrimps.be: It has been a while since AMD has revamped their CPU lineup. New Graphics Cards are introduced on a regular basis, though mostly their silicon motherboard processor variants are not. Mostly a brand new breed of CPUs goes hand in hand with the launch of a new CPU socket. And if the end user is really unlucky the RAM and CPU cooler need a swap too. It has been over 18 months since AMD introduced their hexacore Thuban CPU. So it was about time to give an answer to Intels SandyBridge lineup. Or why not even aim for Intels high end socket 1366 Gulftown lineup. With every new CPU release, speculations rule the various forums. How the design is gonna be, performance expectations, die size, TDP,.. you name it and has been dealt with on the tech sites. On the 12th of October AMDs new born CPU core baptized Zambezi, for the desktop PCs and for the servers Interlagos and Valencia will see the daylight. Let's open the press kit.

rage3d.com: AMD's hotly anticipated FX processors are here with unlocked multiplier and 8 cores of new architecture! Our investigation puts two generations of AMD and Intel CPU's to the test, to see how far a Bulldozer can drive itself up a crack in a Sandy Bridge.

techreport.com: AMD's "Bulldozer" processors are here, and we have a full and extensive review.

techspot.com: AMD has continued to improve the Phenom II range to this day, with the Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition leading the charge for the quad-cores, and the six-core Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition remaining as the flagship offering. The Phenom II has had to deal with the Intel Core i7 on multiple platforms, as well as the Core i5 and Core i3 processors, for almost 3 years now.

techwarelabs.com: Today AMD announces the Bulldozer CPU, it's first major release of micro architecture since the AMD 64. We have the FX-8150 strapped in for some testing and with 8 cores of multi-processing power at 3.6GHz we show you why the Bulldozer is must have hardware. Gaming, processing power, and pricetag combine to make the Bulldozer recipe a winner.

Find more on the FX-8150 with an OpenBenchmarking.org search.

This is a post from the OpenBenchmarking.org Blog. AMD FX-8150 Reviews was posted in Product Launches on Wednesday, 12 October 2011.

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